We have some Muslim friendly service.

・We lend two prayer mats with compass.

・We have some halal foods.

 Free : Cracker, Creaming, powder, Spicy hot sauce etc.

 Paid : Biscuits(100 JPY), Instant noodle(Green Curry/TomYam, ,100 HPY) etc.

・Our soy sauce is alcohol  free.

Note: We allow other customers to bring in and drink alcoholic beverage.

Guest House Asahikawa Ride:Nissho building 2F, 6-jodori 7-chome, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido 070-0036

ゲストハウス アサヒカワライド〒070-0036 北海道旭川市6条通7丁目31-10日昇ビル2階