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Bear spray rental
Many brown bears live in the Daisetsu mountain range.
The most important thing is to avoid encountering brown bears, such as wearing bear bells and refraining from entering the mountains in the early morning and dusk, but the other party is a wild animal. You may not be able to do what you want, and you may come across it.
“Bear spray” is what you want to have in case of such an emergency. Bear spray is a spray for repelling bears that contains chili peppers, and is a tool for making a chance to escape by fluttering the bear with the spray.
However, bear spray is dangerous and cannot be carried on an airplane. Also, since it costs 10,000 yen or more per bottle, it is not something that you can easily buy for one mountain climbing.
Therefore, Asahikawa Ride, an inn that supports climbers, offers a rental service for this bear spray!
The rental fee is 1,500 yen per day and 750 yen per day.
In addition, there is a nice news for those who run vertically in the Daisetsu mountain range!
Incooperation withthe outdoor goods store “ Transit Higashikawa ” at the foot of Mt.Asahidakeand the guest house “ Sounkyo Hostel ” in Kamikawa-cho at the foot of Kurodake,which offers similar rental services, mutual returns are possible. I did.
However, in that case, an additional fee of 2,000 yen will be charged as a collection fee.
Please use the bear spray rental so that you can safely enjoy climbing in Japan’s largest national park, Daisetsuzan.
Please make a reservation from the application form at the bottom of this page.

We also rent mountaineering equipment such as backpacks, trekking poles, and rain gear.
Apply from the mountaineering equipment rental page!

Rental is reservation-only. Please make a reservation by 20:00 the day before you rent.
We don’t accept same-day reservations or direct visits without reservations.
Please use the “Application Form” at the bottom of this page to make a reservation.
・ We will make a copy of your ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) when you rent it.
・ We are very sorry, but our shop does not have staff on duty. We try to be at the store according to the scheduled visit date and time. Therefore, please be sure to contact us in advance if the date and time of your visit changes. The basic available time is from 9:00 to 21:00.
・ If the return time is significantly exceeded, the late fee will be charged.
・ Please be sure to contact us if the return time is likely to be delayed.
・The user is responsible for understanding how to use the bear spray (counterassault spray), using it in the correct way, and returning it.
・We are not responsible for accidents and injuries that are not caused by the malfunction of the tools.

・If bear spray is sprayed, you will be asked to purchase it for the difference between the new purchase price and the paid rental fee.
・If you lose it, you will be required to pay the new purchase price.

Cancellation / Reservation change
A cancellation fee will be charged 5 days before the rental start date.

5 days to 2 days before the rental start date50%
The day before / The day /Cancel without notice

●If the number of people or the breakdown changes, we will respond as flexibly as possible, but we may not be able to meet your request.
●If you cancel without notice, we will refuse to rent from the next time.

How to reserve
Due to the limited number of gears, it is not always possible to rent the gears you want.
Please be sure to fill in the reservation details column of the application form below and send it.
After confirming the contents, we will reply.

Bear spray rental application form
(This form is only available for rental from Asahikawa Ride)

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