Trekking & Hiking Gear Rentals

Based in the city of Asahikawa, we have started a rental service of mountain tools to climb various mountains such as Mt. Asahidake and Mt. Tokachi!

Trekking & Hiking Gear Rentals

Asahikawa Ride rents out mountaineering equipment. We rent trekking equipment and camping equipment for mountaineering.
Asahikawa Ride has introduced a 24-hour rental service, so you can use it for 24 hours from the time you rent it. For example, if you borrow it Please make a reservation from the application form at the bottom of this page. In the morning and it is difficult to return it on the day, you can return it the next morning.
There is a special discount for guests staying at Guest House Asahikawa Ride! (The discount applies from the check-in date to the check-out date.)
Please make a reservation from the ”Application Form”.

Trekking gear rental

Trekking gear includes backpacks, rainwear, trekking poles, bear bells and headlights.
There is also a bear spray rental. Please use the bear spray rental page .

Camping equipment rental

Asahikawa Ride rents tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats.
We have lightweight and high-performance tents for one and two people for mountain climbing, so those who are considering purchasing a mountain tent can use it as a trial.
Rental tents include Arai’s Airrise 2 , Promonte’s VL27, NEMO’s ATOM 2P, and Mobi Garden’s LightKnigt1 & LightKnight2.
The sleeping bag is ISUKA’s Alphalite 500x (minimum temperature 0 degrees), which is ideal for traversing Daisetsuzan in the summer in Hokkaido and in the middle mountains in the spring and autumn .
The sleeping mat is NEMO’S Regular Switchback that can be stored compactly while providing a comfortable sleep.

We also rent bear sprays. You can apply from the bear spray rental page!

Rental is reservation-only. Please make a reservation by 20:00 the day before you rent.
We don’t accept same-day reservations or direct visits without reservations.
Please use the “Application Form” at the bottom of this page to make a reservation.
・ We will make a copy of your ID (
passport, residence card etc.) when you rent it.
・ “24 hours” means that you can use it 24 hours cay from lending a to returning. It does not mean that the rental service is available anytime you want.
· The basic available time is from 9:00 to 21:00.
· We are very sorry, but our shop does not have staff on duty. We try to be at the store according to your scheduled visit date and time. Therefore, please be sure to contact us in advance if the date and time of your visit changes.
· If the return time is significantly exceeded, the late fee will be charged.
・ Please be sure to contact us if the return time is likely to be delayed.
・ Climbing is very dangerous sports. We are not responsible for accidents or injuries that are not caused by malfunction of tools.
・ The rental fee does not include insurance. If you need it, please insure by yourself.
· If you have any trouble with climbing the mountain, such as being drunk, we will refuse to lend it.
· If the tool is damaged or lost, the repair fee or the cost of purchasing a new equipment will be charged.

Cancellation / Reservation change

●A cancellation fee will be charged 5 days before the rental start date.

5 to 2 days before the rental start date50%
The day before / the day / Cancel wituout notice100%

If the number of people or the breakdown changes, we will respond as flexibly as possible, but we may not be able to meet your request.
●If you cancel without notice, we will refuse to rent from the next time.

How to reserve
Due to the limited number of gears, it is not always possible to rent the gears you want.
Please be sure to fill in the reservation details column of the application form below and send it.

After confirming the contents, we will reply.
The set discount will be applied automatically.

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